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RFIC system Technologies is a product and design service company in Bangalore, India for CMOS RFIC system . We are dealing with business in wireless system design, development. We are offering service for your product till to the market, Our expertise is mainly in CMOS RFIC chip using different foundry and wireless system design development , We are developing multi GHZ wireless ICs in CMOS technologies.


We Have RFIC IP full and blocks of transceiver using TSMC foundry 180 nm, 130nm, 90 nm and 65nm CMOS process. drop a mail to us for any questions, business relations.

RFIC design and development Service

As an expert in wireless technology, rf design, analog design for system, circuit, layout, testing and optimization, we are offering design , development service with best performance and moderate cost The service includes rfic design , analog ic design, wireless, rfid, system, circuit, layout, testing,and product certification. Expert in complete wireless system, Projects are taking place on site and offshore We have successfully delivered wireless products to our customers. We have expertise in complete transceivers for any wireless system, Which includes transmitter and receiver architectures, circuit design and layout of the analog, RF, mixed signal system. We provide innovative design services for complex system requirements, in any region, at highly competitive rates, in the rapidly expanding communication and consumer wireless markets. Our main focus is on the analysis, modeling, and design of analog and wireless system drop a mail to us one of our rfic design manager will answer you.

About us

The company started with self funded by industry entrepreneurs. We have diversified business in product and design service for wireless, analog, rf , rfic in system, circuit, layout, characterization and optimization level.
There are many challenges involved in creating a wireless system. At the transistor level, various competing technologies, each provide different benefits and drawbacks. Aside from the transistors, the creation of passive devices such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors also pose unique challenges to the IC designer. To create the amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators required in all wireless transceivers, engineers must use clever circuit techniques to boost performance. These wireless sub modules can then be connected in different system architectures to achieve the required performance, RFIC Technologies-RFIC design development company.



What is RFIC design?
RFIC is an abbreviation of radio-frequency integrated circuit. Applications for RFICs include radar and communications, although the term RFIC might be applied to any electrical integrated circuit operating in a frequency range suitable for wireless transmission

What is the main part of mobile phone?
The common components found on all mobile phones are: A central processing unit (CPU), the processor of phones. The CPU is a microprocessor fabricated on a metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) integrated circuit (IC) chip. A battery, providing the power source for the phone functions.

Is CMOS digital or analog?
CMOS technology is also used for analog circuits such as image sensors (CMOS sensors), data converters, RF circuits (RF CMOS), and highly integrated transceivers for many types of communication. ... As of 2011, 99% of IC chips, including most digital, analog and mixed-signal ICs, are fabricated using CMOS technology

What is IC design engineer?
Integrated circuit design, or IC design, is a subset of electronics engineering, encompassing the particular logic and circuit design techniques required to design integrated circuits, or ICs. ... Digital IC design is to produce components such as microprocessors, FPGAs, memories (RAM, ROM, and flash) and digital ASICs

How can I become an integrated circuit designer engineer?
Integrated circuit (IC) designers use their electrical and computer expertise to create integrated circuits for various applications. Designers typically hold at least a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and have several years of experience in the field


CMOS RFIC design principles
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CMOS Integrated Circuit Fundamentals 2.1 Review of CMOS Technology 2.1.1 The CMOS Physical Structure 2.1.2 Technology Scaling 2.2 The MOSFET 2.2.1 The Basic «-Channel MOSFET 2.2.2 The Basic p-Channel MOSFET 2.2.3 Design Note: de characteristics

Design of CMOS RFIC Ultra-Wideband Impulse Transmitters and Receivers
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Impulse-based ultra-wideband (UWB) systems, notably unlicensed UWB systems operating across or within 3.1 10.6 GHz, are unique systems possessing many desired characteristics, owing to the transmission and reception of only a single signal having pulse

Design and Development of an Evaluation Board with RFIC Ver. 4
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An experimental multi-band/multi-mode radio for public safety applications is being developed in Virginia Tech under a project sponsored by the US Department of Justice . The goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a single radio which can operate in all

Robust and efficient uncertainty quantification and validation of RFIC isolation
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Modern communication and identification products impose demanding constraints on reliability of components. Due to this, statistical constraints more and more enter optimization formulations of electronic products. Yield constraints often require efficient sampling

Ignoring the obvious: Possibilities for on-chip linearisation of rfic power amplifiers
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The requirements of multi-carrier PA (MCPA) basestations in the worldwide mobile phone system has caused a major re-invention of PA linearisation techniques over the last decade. The multicarrier signal environment and the accompanying regulatory emission requirements impose a very

Multiband public safety radio using a multiband RFIC with an RF multiplexer-based antenna interface
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Multiband Public Safety Radio using a Multiband RFIC with an RF Multiplexer-based Antenna Interface Combine Many Radios into One* At least 13 bands relevant to Public Safety x Many channels per band = A lot of radios! (*Above figure is just a functional description.) Low

Recent advancements in RFIC simulation technology for analyzing large RFICs
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Market demands on RFIC chip size, cost, weight, reliability, battery-life, etc. have resulted in a clear trend toward integrating an entire transceiver, that is RF/analog/DSP functions, on a single chip. This gives rise to a host of technical challenges due to circuit complexity, signal

Black-box modeling of RFIC amplifiers for linear and non-linear simulations
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Behavioral modeling of RFIC amplifiers is pre-sented, based on a novel approach that fits complex impedance dependent data for power compression, and Third Order Intercept (TOI) performance. An example, implemented in Agilent ADS, is shown for a commercially

Matching RFIC Wireless Transmitters to Small Loop Antennas
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Most short-range RF transmitters use a small loop antenna for radiation of the signal. This article provides a review of the impedance characteris- tics of these antennas and describes methods of matching the output of the transmitter to the very low impedance of the loop antenna, with adequate

Co-design of full-duplex rfic and resource allocation algorithms
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Full-duplex (FD) wireless--simultaneous transmission and reception at the same frequency-- is an emerging wireless duplexing scheme that has the potential to significantly improve wireless network performance . However, the biggest challenge associated with FD

Revision of the RFIC Board for NIJ Public Safety Radio
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In , we presented the design and development of an evaluation board with RFIC Version 4 . This board was developed under multi-band/multi-mode radio (MMR) project in Virginia Tech sponsored by the US Department of Justice . A prototype radio was built using this

Design and implementation of a test environment for RFIC firmware
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Fundamentals of RFIC Package Characterization
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The design cycle of an RFIC is well-known. Built from a database of elements, the RFIC or MMIC seeks a response that will meet the customers needs. To understand how the design will hold up over IC process variances, stability and sensitivity analyses are performed until

Design of 60-GHz millimeter-wave CMOS RFIC -on-chip CPW-fed slot antenna
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Recently, there exists an increasing demand for broadband multimedia applications for an everincreasing capacity of wireless networks. In particular, for dense local communications, the 60-GHz band for wireless personal area network (WPAN) applications is of special

A Comparison of RFIC Fabrication Technologies
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Continued growth in wireless, optical and other highspeed, high-frequency products has created a demand for integrated circuits that are optimized for performance, cost and practical development complexity. These radio-frequency ICs (RFICs) represent a wide

MIMO RFIC Test Architectures
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This paper discusses the practical constraints of testing Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit ( RFIC ) devices in a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) topology. Techniques to optimize test equipment setup and operation for MIMO architectures are detailed. Because RFICs are

Solving RFIC Simulation Tasks Using GPU Computations
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New generation of General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU) cards with their large computation power allow to approach difficult tasks from Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) modeling area. Using different electromagnetic modeling methods, the

Rolled-up transformer structure for a radiofrequency integrated circuit ( RFIC )
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Dai, Lu et al., Directional scrolling of SiGe/Si/Cr nanoribbon on Si (111) surfaces controlled by two-fold rotational symmetry underetching, Nanoscale, 5 (2013) pp. 971-976. Dai, L. et al., Strain-driven self-rolling mechanism for anomalous coiling of multilayer nanohelices,

Substrate effects in HBT modelling for RFIC design
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HBTs in ICs are identified by a one-step model extraction processes that, unlike most other known substrate effect identification procedures, does not require initial test substrate preparations. The method identifies and quantifies substrate effect components that are

RFIC Symposium! The 2010 RFIC Symposium maintains its reputation as one of the foremost IEEE technical conferences dedicated to the latest innovations in RFIC
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The technical program includes oral sessions, an Interactive Forum (poster session), and two exciting lunch panel sessions. The oral presentation sessions start on Monday, 24th with four parallel sessions throughout the morning and the afternoon. The oral sessions