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innovative low cost embedded system product for school

http://www.garudsms.com : GARUD SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

The embedded system product uses low frequency passive rfid technology for students in the school.
It will be nice if as a parent to receive an sms " dad/mom I reached school " when your kid reached school , and one sms " dad/mom I am leaving the school now " while kid finished the school for the day. Most of the kids are using public transport / school bus to reach the school and each parent can avail this service with very low price,
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Wireless system

Attendance recorder system using RFID technology, the system includes software, firmware and the hardware
with support engineers available 9.00 to 6.00 PM every weekdays.

RFID reader and tag

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This is for regular office use for the employees . the history is every employee will come and sign on a register while coming and going. in stead just show the card , generate report montly/ yearly. office-attendance-recorder- specifications

Active reader

This is long range reader of 200 meter range and use active rfid technology. details

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