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Our Associates

INDIRA IDEAL COMPUTER ACADEMY , berhampur , odisha. Contact Rajib for the school management system

This is fully automated embedded system designed and developed in India. It includes school management software, rfid reader, rfid card. It will make the school management work simpler, easier. The school management can record the attendance of students and employees in computer, so lots of savings in paper work and maintaining large number of attendance registers. The management can print report card, identity card easily. The financial section will record and track the complete payment of students. On the security side the parents will get sms “ dad/mom I am at school” dad/mom I am leaving the school “ during student entry and exit to the school. Go through next few pages for specification and features of school management system.


Operation Mode

• Connect the reader to USB port of your computer
• Reader-range : 5cm
• Attendance report will be sent to email address and will be stored in the computer daily, weekly or monthly
•13.56 MHz RFID reader and writer
Contact [email protected] for free try, price , support or any questions

For odisha state contact Rajib of INDIRA IDEAL COMPUTER ACADEMY, berhampur

The software

Complete software, driver, and support for one year free for our rfid attendance recorder


1. A multipurpose application for student and teacher attendance.
2. You can configure to get e-mail for student / teacher attendance , so track the attendance wherever you are. it will be saved in specified folder on computer also.
3. Provision for notifying Parents / Guardians through SMS, Email about arrival / departure of the child.
4. Reporting features including daily, weekly, monthly attendance reports for students and Teachers / employees in excel format for admin purpose.
5. Has option to schedule the automatic report generation.
6. Option to send reports by mail to supervisors / admin.
7. SMS can be sent notifying absentees to supervisors / admin.
8. All the reports can be uploaded to any central ftp location.
9. Option to archive the old data that is available as Excel file.
10. Remote tracking of RFID reader status.




The report can be any form, The report below shows in excell file, the user can keep record for years


USB interface , no external power required

FHSS or fixed frequency
Modulation GFSK
Communication Rate 1Mbps
Receiving Sensitivity -95dBm
Power Requirements: 9VDC 50 mA
Operating Temperature -40°C~+80°C Waterproof


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